Registraions/ Certifications / Licenses / Education


BS, Agricultural Business Management, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, California, 1982 


Registered Landscape Architect #4053, State of California 

Licensed Landscape Contractor #C27-528894, State of California 

Certified Landscape Irrigation Water Auditor, Irrigation Association 


WaterSense Partner, United States Environmental Protection Agency


Professional Overview - Steve Cook, RLA, C-27, CLIWA

Steve's over twenty-five years of combined experience as a Registered Landscape Architect, Licensed Landscape Contractor, and Certified Landscape Irrigation Water Auditor provide a broad base of valuable knowledge. His years of experience working directly with the materials most commonly used in landscape construction give him not only a breadth of information to draw upon for design, but also give him valuable insight when conducting site observations and providing other field construction-related services.

In addition, Steve has an extensive technical background. He is well versed in many computer programs that allow him to more effectively manage the production of entitlement/planning graphics using Photoshop, the production of landscape construction documents using AutoCAD & Land F/X, as well as maintaining project scheduling through the use of Microsoft Project and monitoring financials status utilizing Microsoft Excel.

Through creative design and efficient use of resources, as well as coordinating between contractors, architects, public agencies, and clients, Steve's project management abilities aid in providing a sustainable project while maintaining the design scope budget and schedules necessary for a successful project.


Land Development

 Land Development is a large category and much of Steve's experience through the 90's and early 2000’s, during the development boom (the real estate bubble as it was called by some) was devoted to the land development category.  

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Project Experience

Steve’s broad range of design and construction experience falls into three main categories:

Project ExperienceLand Development

Streetscape / Parks / Trails / Open Space

Commercial / Retail / Municipal and Agency

There are often elements from all three of these categories within a project. For instance, large land developments often include parks, open space with trails, and of course streetscapes, as well as other elements and that fall into the other categories. An attempt has been made to categorize the projects in the most logical category. 

Streetscapes / Parks / Trails / Open Space


Streetscapes, Parks, Trails and Open Space is a wide and varied category. While many of these elements may be part of a larger project, they are sometimes treated as separate projects, or at least separate plans and working within these categories requires unique skill sets.  

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  • Land Development

    Land Development is a large category and much of Steve's experience through the 90's and early 2000’s, during the development boom (the real estate bubble as it was called by some) was devoted to the land development category.

    Working closely with Land Planners, he helped many large developers gain entitlement approvals. Then he and his teams, most often lead by the developer, which often included Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Mappers, Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineers, Dry Utility Consultants, Lighting Consultants, and the like, refined the concepts in the design development process. The construction document phases followed swiftly and effectively and the plans gained the necessary approvals from the local agencies. Construction of some of these projects lasted years, while others lasted only months. Steve still considers this ne of the most challenging, and rewarding, areas of landscape architecture because of its inherent complexity.

  • Streetscapes / Parks / Trails / Open Space



  • Commercial / Retail / Municipal



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