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What They/You Say

Satisfied clients are a valuable asset. We know that no matter how good we think we are, it matters not. What matters is what you, our clients, think of us. Have we saved you time and/or money? Have we reduced your frustrations? Have we made your job less complicated by effectively solving issues that would have otherwise fallen to you? Have we helped the project run smoothly? Were we solution providers? Did we meet deadlines? Did we help other consultants, or the contractor meet challenging milestones? These are all important elements of satisfaction. Since satisfied clients are important to us, we continually monitor these elements of success.

We maintain a list of references that we issue upon request. We would be happy to share them with you. Please contact us for more information.


Design Development / Construction Documentation

Ritz Landscape has the staff to bring your project from the preliminary and entitlement phases to the construction and bidding document phase.

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What We Do


Ritz Landscape has the staff possessing the skills and experience that allows the offering of a full range of landscape architectural services to a wide client base.

The range of landscape architectural services that Ritz Landscape offers includes conceptual documents and entitlement support, through design development and construction documentation, and ultimately through construction and post-construction support to project close-out (or turn-over). 

Construction / Post-Construction Support

Ritz Landscape can help ensure that the plan is put into action as intended. The task of construction support often starts after the plans are finished and continues through the entire construction process.

Read more: Construction / Post-Construction Support


  • Resumes

    Resumes of the Ritz Landscape staff

    • Land Development

      Land Development is a large category and much of Steve's experience through the 90's and early 2000’s, during the development boom (the real estate bubble as it was called by some) was devoted to the land development category.

      Working closely with Land Planners, he helped many large developers gain entitlement approvals. Then he and his teams, most often lead by the developer, which often included Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Mappers, Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineers, Dry Utility Consultants, Lighting Consultants, and the like, refined the concepts in the design development process. The construction document phases followed swiftly and effectively and the plans gained the necessary approvals from the local agencies. Construction of some of these projects lasted years, while others lasted only months. Steve still considers this ne of the most challenging, and rewarding, areas of landscape architecture because of its inherent complexity.

    • Streetscapes / Parks / Trails / Open Space



    • Commercial / Retail / Municipal



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