Design Development / Construction Documentation

Ritz Landscape has the staff to bring your project from the preliminary and entitlement phases to the construction and bidding document phase.

Construction PlanWorking together closely with other consultants such as Civil Engineers, Surveyor/Mappers, Dry Utility Specialists, etc. (as necessary), Ritz Landscape will turn the project’s approved concepts into a product which can be competitively bid and ultimately constructed in an efficient manner.

Const. LegendRitz Landscape has the skills and talents to develop the design based the ideas put forth during the concept phase, and work within the approved guidelines, to develop construction documents. These construction documents will be completed to a level that can be competitively bid and will include the necessary specifications and details conforming to regional and local standards.

The ultimate goal of Ritz Landscape is to produce a set of documents that will enable construction of a functional, sustainable product, on schedule and within budget.


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