Construction / Post-Construction Support

Ritz Landscape can help ensure that the plan is put into action as intended. The task of construction support often starts after the plans are finished and continues through the entire construction process.

At that time post-construction services begin and often continues until the project is transferred (or turned-over) to the ultimate responsible party, or another milestone is achieved.

Ritz Landscape has the staff to help you navigate through the bidding process. Requests for clarifications can many times be answered most efficiently by the specifier. The designer, or at least one aware of the design components and how they interact, is often the most qualified to answer what could otherwise be difficult questions. Ritz Landscape’s qualified staff understands the importance of a coherent design and how to best implement it per the plan.

Once construction begins, having a consultant who not only understands the design process, but is also very experienced in construction can turn out to be a very valuable asset. When (not if) things change in the field, or issues arise, during construction which may not have been anticipated during the design phase, a consultant with construction experience can suggest, or confirm options presented by others, that may save you, our client, money and time. The construction experience that Ritz Landscape can bring to the construction team has been very useful to our clients in the past.

Water audits are now required in California prior to project close out. Our certified Landscape Water Auditor can efficiently address this new regulation.

Project close out may include the recording of as-built or other record drawings. It may include certification letters stating that the construction was built per the plan. It may also include the post-construction punch-list walks with the contractor, or/and the party (HOA, agency, etc.) that will be accepting ultimate responsibility for the finished product.

The experienced and quite capable staff of Ritz Landscape can help make the final phase of the project as smooth as possible by aiding with all of the post-construction requirements.


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